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Faithful Doubter

once a frightened radical, now just confused

17 August 1933
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Some things about me (subject to change without notice)

I am made of darkness and light;
i am a child of the universe;
i am a human being;
i am seeking;
i am Dianne's surviving spouse
i am an anarchist (primitive. femonist, spiritual );
i am almost "old old.
i am grandparent to two granddaughters, a grandson, and five step granddaughters; (and maybe soon
a step-great grandfather to two step-great grandsons
i am an egalitarian, (but want to be "first among equals e.g., i am an egotist)
i am a wannabe Taoist sage who tries to follow the eightfold path, live by the sermon on the
mount, and delight in Sufi poetry;
I am part of a 12-step program.
I volunteer to the Catholic Worker movement.
i am a retired sociology professor;
i am father to two daughters and a son;
i try not to be possessed by my possessions;
i am autistic
i want to be loving and kind.
i am still too angry, too proud, and way too self centered (but much less so than a year ago;
i am a naive skeptic and a faithful doubter,
i love the idea of loving nature; and
i might rediscover my Buddha nature.
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