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Lalla - To learn the scriptures is easy

To learn the scriptures is easy

by Lalla

English version by Coleman Barks
Original Language Kashmiri

To learn the scriptures is easy,
to live them, hard.
The search for the Real
is no simple matter.

Deep in my looking,
the last words vanished.
Joyous and silent,
the waking that met me there.

-- from Naked Song, by Lalla / Translated by Coleman Barks

Poetry Chaikhana | Lalla - To learn the scriptures is easy

A friend once took "O Lalla" as her pen name and I understood why. I understand also why she is beloved by people in Kashmir regardless of religious or political opinions. She was a person who could truly be called "spiritual rather than religiouss" Though she uses the names of Shiva and Hindu deities in her poems can be read for benefit by anyone. Why is this Kashmiri poet so little known in the West
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