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No One Here But Him

No One Here but Him

by Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi
English version by Andrew Harvey

Watching my hand; He is moving it.
Hearing my voice; He is speaking...
Walking from room to room --
No one here but Him.

-- from Perfume of the Desert: Inspirations from Sufi Wisdom, by Andrew Harvey / Eryk Hanut

Poetry Chaikhana | Sacred Poetry from Around the World

If there is no one here but Him, whose hand and voice are "mine?" If I have to ask, I am not ready for this message Meister Eckhart said that to be "poor in spirit" (and therefore an "owner of the kingdom of heaven") I must have nothing. want nothing, know nothing, and be nothing. Therefore the hands, the voice, and the feet that do the walking no longer belong to me, but to the power greater than myself.
Tags: non duality, rumi, sacred poetry, sufism

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