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Update Update

It has been a while since i updated this journal.  I need to keep betteer track of what is going on in my life.  I can't, right now, dignify those happenings with the word "journey."  Spiritually i am becoming negligent and indifferent, and i don't like that.  I want to lose my self, but i don't want that to happen through negligence.  I need to remind myself that failure to grow spiritual is equal to shrinkage.

Healthwise, i am holding up p[retty good.  I have been getting something that feels like the one day flu about every other day (and Winter is still more than two weeks away.)  One day i am energetic, the next i am dragging my butt (or not.)  Today is a good day.

I wrecked my car a few weeks back by ramming it into the rear of a stalled trailer.  The insurance company totaled it and i bought a new car two days ago, a pretty (grey) little 2015 Fiesta.  There was no drivers manual and i am still trying to figure out the most basic thinks (like how to work the lights, the defroster and the windshield wipers.  I have also learned that with my diminishing eyesight, i should not be driving any car after dark.  So i'm having dinner with about sixty friends on Saturday and at 4pm i excuse myself so i can get home before dark.  But, as is often the case, i was slow on the uptake and i am still five miles from home when it becomes pitch black night.  I cannot see the lane dividers and (i later find out) my lights are not on.  So i am weaving all over the road, being a menace, and scaring the daylights out half the drivers on the road with  me.  So the police catch up with me and revoke my driving license.  Bus servuce in this town is terrible. so i will be taking a lot of taxi rides until i figure out what to do for reliable transportation.  I am not ready to stop living and i live in a place where living includes driving.

I am also assuming a role i never wamted and never thought i  would have -- landlord.  A relative who has a history of homelessness, has been evicted from the house he has been living in for the  last ten years or so,  I have agreed to buy a house and rent it to this relative and a friend at a price they can afford.  I sign the final papers and make the down payment tomorrow afternoon.  I could not believe the amount of red tape one must cut through to buy a house today--less than 20 years after purching the house i live in.

Anyone following the sage of "M" may be happy to learn that we remain in almost daily contact throughj social media and that i am expecting an actual letter from her in the not too distant future.  She has had a more interesting and productive life (in my opinion) than my own.

I am still much involved in my 12 Step program hqwever stagnant i currently am in the spiritual aspects of it.  I am somewhat stuck in the ninth step.  It has been difficult to find people still alive who will acknowledge that i have harmed them.

Love and peace to everybody.
Tags: 12 step programs, health, personal life
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