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Kalidasa - Waking


by Kalidasa

English version by W. S. Merwin & J. Moussaieff Masson
Original Language Sanskrit

Even the man who is happy
     glimpses something
     or a hair of sound touches him

     and his heart overflows with a longing
          he does not recognize

then it must be that he is remembering
     in a place out of reach
     shapes he has loved

     in a life before this

     the print of them still there in him waiting

-- from East Window: Poems from Asia, Translated by W. S. Merwin
<Poetry Chaikhana | Kalidasa - Waking

I came across this poem by accident while looking for another poem -- Exhortation to the Dawn -- by this early fifth century "servant of the goddess, Kali."  "a life before this this" is a reference to reincarnation, of which i have no experience and in which i have no belief.

My memories are so few and so fragmented that "a life before this" could refer to my childhood, or a decade ago, or yesterday afternnon. I think that the "shape i have loved before" might be my be my "True Self" -- My "Buddha nature" -- the "image of God" in which my species was supposedly created.

I also can appreciate and identify with every word or Ivan Granger's commentary inside the Poetry Chaikhana link above.

Love, peace, Joy, and pleasant memories to all.
Tags: memories, sacred poetry
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