bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Where, I Wonder, Are We Going?

According to the legends of my people, my first ancestors were intended to be immortal.

I am told that the Sun will explode or cool off or something in about ten billion years.  But i don't think any human will be around to experience that.  At the rate we are going, i fgure we will be very lucky to be around in 500 years, maximum.  And almost certainly our species will have found a way to kill itself off long before that.  We are very "creative" especially where it comes to weaponry.

Science is trying hard to improve us technologically, and we will soon be stronger, smarter, and maybe even happier.  As cyborgs we will extend our range in space and time.  But we pay no attention to what lies beyond space and time,  We have given up immortality in exchange for a 150 year life expectancy.

Of course, for people who are able to live "in the now" all of this is irrelevant.  They have found "infinity in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour."  And i have come to believe that this journey into now, is our best bet for survival any way we look at it.  "Detached Adoration" (Evelyn Underhill's phrase) is the best strategy.  Love what's here while its here.

So where am i going?  I'm planning to stay here.  For how long?  For now.

May all creatures experience love, peace, and happiness.
Tags: evelyn underhill, now
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