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In high school one year i had a friend with whom i felt really in sync. We corrected each others' homework and edited each others' essays and always got "A"s.  We ran the same races on the same track team and usually came in first and second.  (He was faster, but i always ran a better race if he was in it than otherwise.  We did stand up comedy skits for assemblies and dances. (He was the Hero and i was the slightly incompetent sidekick  -- He was Abbot and i was Costello for those whose memories go that far back)  We wrote a contest essay together and might have won had our ideas no been too radical for the judges.  Then he moved  out of town (and couple of other life changing events occured as well, and i went back to being a nerd.  Never had i clicked so well  with another human being.

Until today.

I was supposed to make presentation (story) for patients' families at a rehabilitation hospital for alcoholics and addicts.  I thought i would be there alone, but lasr night i got an email saying i would be joined by a woman.  We met at the hospital.  She seemed to know me from previous meetings but i had no recollection of her.  I told her that i had forgotten to put in my hearing aids; she just smiled and said she would translate for me.  So i made a presentation and she fielded the questions; by the time she finished responding i understood enough of the question to add my two cents - which seemed to me to be worth at least a nickel, and she added something even better-- and so things escalated upward for the next hour.  I thought the 13 atendees were very appreciative.  Afterwards, i commented on how well i thought we worked together and hoped we could do it again.  She said: "Yeah, we were the dynamic duo."
Tags: 12-step programs, personal life.
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