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Ivan M. Granger - Holy Ground

Holy Ground

by Ivan M. Granger

Let the vision
of the vastness
you are
leave you
in glorious

Pilgrims will come
to imagine
the grand temple
that once stood,
not realizing

          the wreck
          made this empty plain
          holy ground.

-- from Re
Poetry Chaikhana | Ivan M. Granger - Holy Ground

First, read the poet's commentary on his poem.

Actually the commentary says less than the poem and opens the poet to criticism and anallysis.  I did not make up the idea that prose reaches only the intellect while poetry goes directly to the heart,  All readers of poetry "know" this.

There is a reason why humility is almist always considered a vital aspect of spirituality and spiritual growth.  If there were any such thing as "up" or "down" in the real (advaita) world, i would have to say that, spiritually, i grow downward rather than upward.  I do not  climb to the mountain top to meet my Higher Power, i fall into its "arms."

Right now i don't feel like "ruins" (even glorious ones) or a "wreck."  I feel more whole and self confident than i have since age 14.  And i am tempted to regard this as "spiritual growth."  But i should not be proud of my humility.  I have mistaken sadness, depression, doubt, or disappointment for the "dark night of the soul."  No, i have not yet encountered that adventure.  and if that is a part of the path to connection with the  higher power,  i should look forward to it.  Bring on the wreckage.

Why won't this pos? 
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