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Poetry Tea House

My favorite location on the internet is a "sacred" poetry website named Poetry Chaikhana.  I have looked at the site almost everyday for almost ten years and reposted hundreds of its offerings to myy journal.  I have also tried to help support the site financially over the past couple of years. 
I am not a poet, or even, particularly, a lover of poetry; but this site has become (forgive me) my spiritual bread and wine.  My list of favorire poets is getting too long to mention (except to say that it contains an awfully (awe fully) lot of Sufis, most of whom i would never have heard of apart from this site). 
This seems to be a one person operation.  whose owner and maintainer suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  He offers to feature a new poem each week. but one of Emily Dickinson's poems has been at the top of his blog for about a month now, and i am getting "hungry."

I suppose i could easily select my own "food" from the very large menu (over 300 poets and over 3000 poems-representing the spiritual offerings of every "advanced" culture and a few -- way too few -- from "aboriginal" societies.  I like the surprise of seeing what poem has been selected each week plus a commentary which usually surpasses anything i could put together

With all respect to America's second greatest dead poet, i hope i see a new featured poem soon.

Intellectual discussions of spirituality and theology bore me and annoy me.  The word "God" falls like a rock on my damaged ear drums and referring to the Higher Power as Him seems outragioisly sexist. But poetry and song can by pass the intellect and go directly to my heart.  Words which offend me in a sermon i can enjoy in a hymn -- although i cannot carry a tune in a pickup trick.   True Reality. they say, is transcendant to the mind, but immanent to the heart.



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