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I have been in daily contact with M via Facebook this week, and each day i feel younger and more energetic.  I referred briefly to our parting in a letter, but other than that neither of us has referrenced our past relationship.  I am going to follow her lead on this.  Nothing is going to come of this, i'm sure, except, hopefully, a renewed friendship.  But i am enjoying the moment.  She was really special to me at one point in my life, and that specialness is starting to seep back into my conscious mind.

I even feel more at ease in my neck brace than last time i posted.  Journaling really can clear the mind and cleanse the soul. Mentioning my frustration and anger and then reading it on the page was enough to show me counterproductive those feelings are.  Unreasonable expectations and inability to accept what is as what is are the two great enemies of happiness and peace; and everytime i have to be reminded of that brings me closer to maturity.  I am very happy right now.

Its about time i developed some maturity.  Next week i graduate into another demographic category: instead of being just old or "young old" (65 to 84) i will become "old old"  But as the population ages and life expectancies are extended (They say the first 150 year old has already been born somewhere in the world) 65 will beome "middle aged" and only those who have reached 100 will be thought old.  The obituary of a local 110 year old woman aooeared in the paper yesterday, Nothing in the obituary suggested that there was anything remarkable about her age..

Of course, global warming, bloodier violence, or increasingly drug resistant bacteria could change those projections completely.  Anyway...

Love, peace, and happiness to all  persons and things.that can appreciate such.
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