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I am trying to get back into the habit of regular posting. which is not easy when i have absolutely notging to say.  But here goes:
One of the principles of the only group i claim to belong to is the avoidance of controversy.  But wherever there are humans there is likely to be conflic (as well as Buddha!). with conflict comes controversy (and sometimes even warfare, and sometimes even competition).  I am afraid we are moven toward a confrontation with one of our "servants," i.e. leaders and i may one of those in a position to prticipate in the confrontation.  May all creatures be happy and well in every way!

{My screen just wenr blank for a moment.  Maybe the Russians or the Higher Power did not want me to talk about that.)

Yesterday, i got my neck x-rayed again.  I have waited with bated breath for a call from the surgeon.  I really hope his office will call soon to tell me i can take this cervical collar off.  I had it off for eight hours earlier today against orders.  I had to get some decent sleep!

I am also waiting with some kind of altered breath for my first real contact with M after 63 years.  Earlier this week i joined Facebook for the sole purpose of trying to contact her.  Yesterday i made a friend request and this morning it  was accepted and today i sent her a message  with my contact informatioh. I even sent my live journal address.  I must look like a love sick 14 year old (dammit, i AM a lovesick 14 year old).  But really, i just wan to reconnect with one of the few people from my pasr who was extremely important me then and who never entirely left my mind or my heart.

Love and peace to all.

FLASH! I just received a facebook message from M.  Very nice!  She included her phone number and mailing address.  Initial contact successfully completed!
Tags: 12-step programs, personal life
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