bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

"3 Jewels"* Prayer Adapted For (Private) 12 Step Use

I take refuge in my Higher Power, the principles of my 12 step program, and the fellowship of the 12 step groups until i am granted spiritual awakening.

By habits accumulateded from practicing generosity, acceptance, humility, courage, loving detachment, serenity. forgiveness, prayer, meditation, and all principles and benefits of the program, may i attain a spiritual awakening for the benefit of all.
* The three jewels in Buddhism refer to the Buddha (the source of the teaching), Dharma (the teaching itself), and the sangha (the community of people who try to live by the teaching)

The 12-Step programs are intended to be "spiritual but not religious."  Prayer is certainly a spiritual activity and it is also almost always a religious activity.  Almost all published prayers are drawn from one or another religious community.  Every prayer i have heard in a 12 step meeting or read in 12-Step literature has come from a religion, and that religion has (almost?) always been Christianity.  We are told to use our own words, to address our higher power in our own way.  Yet the assumption seems (to me) to prevail that my Higher Power will be the God of Abraham. Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).  There are other functions, meanings, and types of prayer which might be useful for the "recovery" of some persons.  I am finding that true in my own case.  A Taoist "preparation for the day" is an important part of my  morning meditions (when i do them :(  ).
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