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Update Update -Excitement Abounds!

I don't lead a very exciting life and it doesn't take much to excite me.  But today (and its a Sundaa!) two things happened that in my insignificant space in my vast universe  seem very exciting to me.
Actuaually this is the second thing, but its more on my mind, and to be honest, far more exciteng.  My daughter received an email from my high school sweetheart, M*   It was very sweet and welcoming and promised direct contact with me.  She seems to remember me fondly and even made reference to my brief "career" as a stand up comic.  She actually thought i was pretty good.  Any way, i eagerly await whatever comes next.

*After 63 years of no contact, my feelings about our relationship are still so strong that trying to describe them would be like trying to describe my relationship with the divine -- which you may have noticed have gotten increasingly silent, reliant on other peoples' poetry, and the subject of confusing essays.  To avoid such a thing happening here, i will henceforth refer to her only as "M" and  let you imagine the woman whom that symbol hides..

Don't get me wrong!  Dianne became my one and only remantic love.  I treasured her  and treated her the best i could, which wasn't very good in the first 20 or so years.  But as i grew up and became human, and moe spiritual, i like to think we became true soulmates.

I used to greatly enjoy Richard Rohr's meditations from  the Center for Action and Contemplation. but now i  notice that i have barely looked at any of them since last November, which has given me even one less excuse to meditate.  I lose on two counts: I rarely meditate (much less contemplate) and i don't get  Father Rohr's often valuable insights.

So i opened his medition today and for the next week (at least) he will be writing about the spirituality of First Peoples.  I always have argued, contrary  to the prevailing trent that the spiritualiity. and the mysticism of "aboriginal" peoples was and is as rich, deep, and complete as that of any more so-called asvanced cultures,  So you can be sure i will be reading for the next week (critically, if necessary).and posting on what i find significant.  Maybe by then, i will be back in the habit of reading him regularly, and perhaps also in the habit of meditating regurlarly.

I  regret that either i or my  computer has lost the abilility to transfer these meditations to me journal.  I hope that anyone interested will find her or his way to Father Rohr's website at the Center for Action and Contemplation.

Love, happiness,  and peace.
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