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A "New" Emily Dickinson Poem And Just In Time.

Who has not found the Heaven--below

by Emily Dickinson

Who has not found the Heaven--below--
Will fail it above--
For Angels rent the House next ours,
Wherever we remove--

-- from The Longing in Between: Sacred Poetry from Around the World (A Poetry Chaikhana Anthology), Edited by Ivan M. Granger
Poetry Chaikhana | Emily Dickinson - Who has not found the Heaven--below

I know i must have read this poem sometime before now.  Yes, i know she wrote over 2000 known poems of which i've read far less than than 100.  I have a small book in which this poem appears and i have read everything in it.  Maybe i ignored this poem because the word "Heaven" appears in it, and i've never been a pie in the sky guy.  Or the word "Angels" might have discouraged me even more (even though one of my favorite Rumi couplets has that word in it.)  When i think i have walked away from a faith community without resentments or other hard feelings, perhaps i am decieving myself.

Ivan Gramger points out that this poem by the 19th century Protestant recluse has a universal message and mystics of all times and faiths have gotten in trouble for proclaiming it.  And i really needed, this morning, to hear that message presented briefly and simply.
If i am not experiencing joy (and the other appendages of divine connection -- compassion, humity, loss of ego, etc.,etc.) now, perhaps i never will.

I know "angels" live next door.  I've seen them "in full flight."

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