bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Update Update

It has been a while since i have posted.
While i do not feel as stronmg, energetic, or physically together as i did last November, i have regained much of what i lost during the Winter and "Spring (including some of the weight).  I have resumed most of ,my normal activities except the homeless shelter gig which i should resume later this month.

Having learned that two cannot live as cheaply as one, i find that money is literally burniing holes in my pockets   I have started giving it away at a higher and faster rate.  Recipients  of my "largesse" have been my favorite poetry website, The Monastery of St Gertrude. Doctors Without Borders, The Southern Poverty Law Center, Heifer  International, and The Catholic Worker neewspaper.  I am scouting other charities and progressive groups.

My perspective on Al Alon is becoming more "realistic" (ii.e. delusional) as i become more deeplty involved, but i am still convinced that it will continue to meet my spiritual and emotional needs.

Love, peace, and joy to all.
Tags: 12-step programs, personal life
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