bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

The Little Indian Boy

I must have held resentment because i completed an act of revenge -- a totally senseless actiom that  might have killed its target.
When we moved back to Alaska in 1943 is was to Ketchikan, an "important port city" of about 7,000 people.  For the first time, i went to school with and otherwise socialized with non-Europeans.  There was a small Pilipino community, and an American Indian (Tlingit { klin-get]) neighborhood in addition to a Tlingit village a few miles away.  And there were individuals of many backgrounds including one Black man.  Eventually i would come to regard many of these "others" as close friends, but initially they seemed even stranger than Europeans, whom i considered awfully strange.

A group of bullies, probably teenagers or young adults rounded (kidnapped) me up and took me to a place where they had also bought this Tlingit boy about my age (10) and somehow goaded us into a fist fight.  We were both exhaused and bloody messes when it was over, but the  other kid definitely was tougher and  the clear winner.  This happened at least one other time, and perhaps more, with similar results.

One day, months later, i was crossing a bridge and saw my nemesis* speatfishing at the falls below.  I picked up a small stone and threw it at him and my aim was much better than usual and the stone struck him in the shoulder almost knocking him off balance.  My memory ends there.

I have tried to recall his name, but cannot.  Later, i developed friendships with several Tlingit boys.  He might have been one  of them.

This is certainly someone who i have hurt unjustly and unnecessarily..

* Why did we dislike each other (i assumed he disliked me) rather than the older boys who encouraged/coerced us into fighting?  But thats the way things go in this world, isn't it.  The bullies are clearly in charge.

Tags: 4th step notes, personal life, violence
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