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Poetry Chaikhana | Sacred Poetry from Around the World

Poetry Chaikhana | Sacred Poetry from Around the World
When i arrived home from the hospiital I turned on my compiuter and went to the Poetry Chaikhana website.  There, waiting for me, were Mary Oliver's "Wild Geese." honking at me. re,omdomg me of "my place in the family of things."

My friends know of my attachment to this site.  I hope that any of my spiritually or mysticallly inclined friends will explore this treasure if they have not already done so.  Over 3000 poems by over 300 authors with new poems and authors added every few months.  Also books. music, and short bios of some of the authors.  I am hopeful that the selections will extend more deeply into the past and more extensively into the mystically informed world.  Already there are poems from the fifth century onward from Sufi, eclectic, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh. Taoist, Jewish, and various "aboriginal" traditions.

Read, enjoy, donate.
Tags: perennial philosophy, personal life, sacred poetry
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