bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Is It All Fear? (More 4th Step Notes)

So i started a preliminary list of my character defects.
Arrogance (Pride)
Cowardice is being controlled by fear.
Back in the day when anger was a big problem, i learned that anger was a cover for fear.
I came to the conclusion that every one of the "seven deadlies" was a cover for fear
I have been told that fear is the basic negative emotion;
it is behind hatred, etc., etc., etc..

What is sloth afraid of?
Perhaps it is just plain laziness?
I am told that my True Self is not lazy,
that laziness somehow protects my ego.

Is it a fear of making mistakes?
Is it a fear of failure?
Is it based on a history of failure?
But i haven't failed all that much --
piano lessons
my first marriage
my ministry.
I need to think about those, but not right now.
I'm inclined to be too hard and too easy on myself.
Can i be both at once? Yes.
Tags: 12-step programs, personal life
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