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Book Bonanza

The last twenty or so winters here in "Treasurt Valley" have been relatively warm, dry (too dry) and easy to get through.  Thursday it began to snow.  I made it to Al Anon and back, less the a mile away.   Friday i gave nyself a little over an hour to make the twenty minute drive to my Liiterature Center gig; i needed every second of it.  Saturday, i could not get the little rental Hyundai * off the driveway.  Sunday, older daughter came by in her Jeep to take me to Christmas.  Monday i managed to get to an Al Anon meeting at noon and an AA meeting that night.  On the way home from the latter i and an oncoming driver simultaneously lost control of our vehicles and came within a hairsbreadth of colliding.  I am staying indoors today, and if things look dangerous tomorrow, i will phone in sick  Tomorrow is my day at the shelter and i hate the idea of missing it.  Winter is nothing if you have a house and heat.

*  Yes, i am finally getting the body work done from the collision in September.

On the way home yesterday afternoon i stopped at a thrift store where i sometimes buy things, including used books.  I browsed for nearly two hours (the organizing of the books is quite haphazard) nd came away with five books at a total cost of $8.44 tax included:

A Life of My Own 1993 *
The Thunder Keeper , by Margaret Coel, 2001 **
The Dark Wind, by Tony Hillerman 2001 (1982) ***
Deception Point, by Dan Brown 2001 **** , and
The Bhagavad Gita *****

A nice haul!

* a book of daily meditions from Hazeldon based on the 12 steps for us "co-dependents."

** My favorite genre, one of my favorite fiction writers.

*** My favorite genre, another of my favorite fiction writers.  I have probably read this already, but it was a long time ago.  This was a buy four get one free deal. so  if i remember reading this i will consider it the fifth book.

**** Before The Da Vinci Code, Brown had written three novels, two of which, Digital Fortress and Deception Point, i had never heard ot though they were both "best sellers."  This book features a meteor which some people think contains evidence of ancient Martian bacteria.  Evidently scientists are not as squeemish about the line between "fact" and "fiction" as religionists are.

*****  Do i really need a third copy of this spiritual and literary treasure?  Probably not.  But this was the English version by .Swami Prabhavanananda and Christopher Isherwood with the introduction by AldousHuxley which first introduced me to the Perennial Philosophy no less than 40 years ago.

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