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More Third Step Notes

"God, i offer myself to You -- to build with me and to do with me as you will.

relieve me from the burden of self, that i may better do Your will.

Take away my difficulties. that victory over them will bear witness to those i would help of Your Power, Your Love, and Your Way of life.

May i do Your will always."      --Alcoholics Anonymous., p,63

This is the Third Step prayer.  Many recovering alcoholics use it.  I admit that i don't particulary care for it.  Changing the "thees" to "yous" and the "Thys" to "yours" doesn't help much.  My Al Anon sponsor has not suiggested that i incorporate it into my morning prayers.  I know he uses it.  So i  will add it to my morning (or early afternoon) at least for the time being.  If the Tao or the Void could be said to possess will, their suggestions to us would be similar to those of the twelve step programs or religions  at their best.

The God that i pray to will by e "God as i understand God" knowing that is a God beyond my understanding.

Anyway, in approching the Fourth Stap, i will need all the help i can got.  Dianne is no longer her to call "bullshit" on me and no one else knows me well enougb to do that.

My cough persists. but with Nyquil i have slept pretty well, Friday and Saturday nighs and i am far less exhausted.  I had;a very trying day Saturday but might have got rid of some the crud that has been keeping this thing going.

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