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Third Step Notes (Stream of Consciousness)

'(We) made a decision to turn our will and our  lives over to  the care of God as we understood Him.'
From the twelve steps  of Alcoholics Anonymous.

As part of my working the first three steps, my Al Anon sponsor is having me define each  of the "important" words in the statememt of the step.  In the case of step three these words are "will" and "life"*

Will and decision are almost synonymous**, so i could be saying that i decided to turn my decision making over to the Divine Unity.  Here the introduction of the word "care" might be an important modifier.  To turn my decision making over to the care of God may be very different from turning my decision making over to God.  If i am asking that "God's willk not mine, be done" and my "understanding" of God is "Tao" or "The Void," how do i disvover what "God's will" for me is?  Probably i will follow the example of the wisest people i can think of and hope that my judgment of their judgment is good enough, knowing that i will never reach certitude.

I did not expect many surprises when i looked up the definition of life*** and i didn't get many.
Life is a mystery and probably will continue to be such for some time, if not forever.  We do not know why there is something rather than  nothing; we do not know why some matter comes to  life; we do not know why life becomes conscious; and we do not know how consciousness becomes conscious of itself.  I suspect that the first two will be the hardest to solve,  So it may be that wisdom rather than knowledge will characterize our approach to life for the forseeable future despite scientific predictions to the contrary/

* Other words deserving attention might be "decision," and "care" and maybe "turn over"  "God as we understood Him was covered in step 2 as "Higher Power" (or as Laura S. calls it "Honey Pie")

**will (noun) 1a) The mental facility by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action; volition.  b) the act of volition.   2a) diligent purposefulness, determination. b) self control; self discipline.  3) desire, purpose, wish (the meaning of  the ancient word that eventually evolved into "will.")  4) deliberate intention.  5) Free discretion, inclination, pleasure. 6) Bearing or attitude toward others, disposition.  7) Legal declaration or document.  (wei-1 to wish)

***Life (noun) 1a) The property or qualiity that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms or inorganic matter manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth. reproduction, and response to stimuli or adaptation to the environment originating from within the organism. 3) A person.  4)  The physical, mental, and spiritual experience that constitutes existence. 5) The time between birth and death  7)  A spiritual state which transcends death of the corporeal body. 9) Having existence, relationships, or activity in general. 11) a source of vitality. 12) God.  (leip- to stick, adhere, fat.)

I note that both will and life are nouns but they act more live verbs.  Both are processes rather than "things."

(To be continued.)
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