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I don't know why i am doing this.  I am getting more forgetful, and have always had false memories.
But i don't evem SUSPECT dementia.  But it overcomes a lot of elderly people, and there are some things i don't want to forget -- just in case
Max was married to Carrie for seventy-four years.  When he was seventeen he allowed his name to be put on my birth certificate.  But he was not my father, though i  have often wished he had been.  He "took the rap" so to speak for my biological mother's pregnancy.  Carrie desccribed him to me as "a nice neighbor boy who i thought kind of liked me."  After i was born  and taken from the scene, Carrie and Max were married.  The had a  son, my half-brother, who died at age 17(?) in a drowning accident,  about thirteen months younger than me.

I finally met Max when when i was 64 and he was 81.  I am certain that he must have warned Carrie not to get too close to me, but, as always, let her have her way.  His love for her was palpable, even to this autistic brain.  He also kept a deep grief over the loss of his son..  Later, he met Dianne and my daughters.  When he learned that my older daughter had only one child, he told her (i think there pleading in his eyes) to have another.  (a backup, i imagined.

Max seemed to have had very little education, but he waa handy and wise.  His too-tough-fior-my-blood exterior belied a softer inner core.  He had been a  laborer, a fireman, a truck driver, and a rancher.  He was proud of his skill and creativity as a truck mechanic, but neither that or any thing else went to his head.

I liked Max right away and like to think that we became friends during the last ten years of his life.
He died in 2006.  Carrie never remembered?/acceoted? that he had died.  She insisted  that he was always just a short distance away and would return soon.  I am certain that she was right.


Nov. 8th, 2016 01:24 am (UTC)
Thank you for the memory. It was just lovely.
Nov. 8th, 2016 04:20 am (UTC)




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