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Gavin DeBecker, writing on "the gift of fear," reminds us that our bodies sense danger in time for most of us to mostly escape it...
And our "informed hearts" alert us to our tendencies to do destructive things to other people and creatures.  But in both cases we allow our minds to overrule our guts and our hearts to the detrement of ourselves and others.  After all, we are human beings and should use our brains rather than our animal instincts,  Thus we talk ourselves into and argue others into actions that endanger us.  There are "red flags" strewn along my path, warning me  of dangers, but i don't see them or i override them.  A bad decision if i am hjiking in mountains or canyons; but equally bad in life generally.

My path leads me over a cliff and i pay no attention until i find myself at the bottom, hurt and bleeding.  Then i ask myself: "How did this happen (and what are those red flags waving over there for?):"  That was my life for fifty years and i had lots of superficial and internal pains to show for it, not to mention the pain i caused to others.

In the past 30 years, things have begun to change, slowly, but in a definite direction.  As i have gradually come to accept the possibility that the material world is an illusiion without meaning i have begun to pay more attention to my heart and to wonder if i might have a soul.  Physical dangers and even social ones no longer concern me as much compared to spiritual things.

Although i rarely fall off physical, social, or emotional "cliffs" any more (i notice the "red flags" sooner and sooner now), i am still testing out the beginnings of this new path.  Are there dangers here, also?  Will i be able to spot the "red flags" quickly and sidestep those dangers?

I consider myself part of a community now.  They may not be my "fellow" travelers; but they are traveling in approximately the same direction with mostly the same tools and guideposts.  They are my "also travelers" facing approximately similar dangers and we help each other watch out for the "red flags."


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Oct. 22nd, 2016 11:00 pm (UTC)
"I consider myself part of a community now. "
Oct. 23rd, 2016 06:26 pm (UTC)
Yes. my "12-step" group.
Oct. 23rd, 2016 11:43 am (UTC)
Thank you for sharing your journey, sir.
Oct. 23rd, 2016 06:27 pm (UTC)
My pleasure, sir.
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