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The Tao Is Tao (171)


                                                     If the Taoist sage
                                          dwells in emptiness and silence
                                                why does his flesh decay
                                                   like yours and mine?

                            --  Jos Stabbert
                            From The Tao is Tao.

also posted to daily_tao on October 19, 2016

This is a good question for me.
Because i am not a Taoist sage, i have no answer to it.

Perhaps the phenemena are not an illlusion
and it is the Taoist sage who is delusional.
After all, even the Tao Te Ching
suggests that "the essence" and "the manifestations"
are the same and equally real.

Maybe it is just the sage's attitude about decaying flesh
that makes her or him different from me.
Other forms of apparant human "damage"
are treated creatively and humorously
by the sages in the Chuang Tzu.
A sage so physically "misshaped" that he appears inhuman,
delights in his condition and thinks of ways to make it useful

But the philosophical question for me is this:
if the illusory character of phenomena is "true,,
what is the point of contemplating it
if i cannot make it real to me?

And will i be able to function appropriately in the world
when and if i become convinced, in my heart,
that the world is an illusion?

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