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The 12 Steps for Everyone - George Herrick

The 12 Steps for Everyone - George Herrick

I like this less than other descriptions of a potential "generic" twelve-step program ((for example, the book with The 12 Steps for Everyone (who wants them) as its title)), but this one is front of me and is a worthy example to look at.

AA is still debation whether people who claim to be "addicts" belong in AA.   Good reasons are given for both including and excluding them.  In my area 9 our 10 AA meetings are open to everybody and the one i go to invides anyone to share.
The Al Anon Family Groups are open to anyone "who lives or has lived with the problem of alcoholism.."  If i consider that members one in three American households claim to be affected by somebody's drinking, that there is much denial (and ignorance) about alcoholism, and that people with alcoholic friends and co-workers are invited. it is hard for me to imagine that there is anyone in the country who is not eligible for Al Anon membership.

So, for me, the issue of a generic program is, for the moment, moot.  I am at home in Al Alon, although, like almost all homes, it is not always a totally comfortable place.  We are supposed to confine our sharing in  meetings to our dealings with the problem of alcoholism, though the suggestion that we "apply these principles to all our affairs" suggests a very wide loophole for broadening our horizons.
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