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A Day To Remember To Forget

Today i got up late, said my morning prayer, put on my favorite hoodie (adorned with Zuni trickster gods and the slogan: "Happy, Joyous, and Free") and headed for downtown Boise to attend a ten o'clock Al Anon meeting.  About a half mille from my destination, i ran into a roadblock created (i thought) by an accident.  I followed the pointed arm of a citizen and ran into a traffic jam and road block.  I was told. by a friendly woman in a hard hat and orange vest (basicaly) that i couldn't get there from here.  She suggest that i circle around and approach my destination from the opposite direction.  A minute later i ran into the worst traffic jam imaginable.  As i inched along at about one-half mile per hour, i felt like a level one video game player trying to do level seven of a nightmarish and possibly dangerous game.
Eventually, the jam  cleared in front of me and i quickly zipped through the six remaining miles to me meeting.

After the meeting i tried to avoid a repeat of my earlier adventure bu taking the freeway to an exit near my home.  However, the logistics of the freeway entrances had been so radically altered since i last drove there that  i drove an additional ten miles out of my before before i could find a ramp (or a recognizable street name)  After a 20 mile drive on the freeway. i took my exit and was immediately sideswiped by
another vehicle.  The car that hit me contained a young family of five including a child that looked less than a year old named Zander.
We stood by the side of the road exchanging information and waiting for the  Meridian police to investigate us.  The other driver who turned out to be almost a  neighbor, readily took full responsibility for the  collision.  His car was undrivable so i took his family home while he waited for a tow.

As i drove home, i gave thanks that things had gone no worse than they had.  I got  to my meeting, no one was injured, and my car is drivable, though very ugly looking.  I also congratulated myself for my calmness and dignified behavior throughout.  I almost felt like a normal human being -- present,  comfortable and comforting.

But i forgot to mention some things.  As i sat down at my  al anon meeting i felt a heavy weight on my upper back which also seemed to  be on fire.  Later on i drove to Church and was "spooked" twice by passing cars that i feared would hit me.  I also arrived at my destination one hour early, berlieving it to be an hour later than it actually was.  It seems that the stress, which i customarily kept in my conscious mind, had simply moved to my spine and my subconsciousness.  So much for serenity.

Well, tomorrow is another day.

Joy, peace, loving klindness, and compassion to all, and a stress free Sunday.  (It is Sunday tomorrow, isnit it?)
Tags: 12-step programs, personal life
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