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The Tao Is Tao (147)


                                          Turning toward emptiness
                                                 to excaoe reality
                                  is turning away from your true self.
                          Losing yourself in reality to escape emptiness
                                       is falling prey to an illusion.
                  Like a drowning man clinging to  an imaginary branch
                                 you will surely perish in the flood.

                                                                                  -- Jos Srabbert
                                                                                "The Tao is Tao"

also to be posted September 25th at daily_tao

Can on live wisely
with one foot
in each of two world?
One illusory, though it seems real
Another real, though it seems an illusion.

Believers manage this.
This world is not their home.,
though they seem patient,
and sometimes comfortable
while they wait
for this world to pass.

I am more like Nancy Wood's shaman
who falls into an abyss,
neither here nor there.
And i sense a solution coming:
A marriage of heaven and hell.
(or of heaven and earth anyway)
Tags: non-duality, notes for a wayless journey, taoism
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