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Update Update

Night walking and meditation

As the southward equinox approaches in Southwestern Idaho, darkness comes soon enough for me to begin my walk before it becomes ridiculously late   According to the almanac, the moon will be in the visible sky for 35 minutes longer than the sun.  There is still more light than darkness and that will continue for days  or weeks past the equinox because of tilt of the earth and the power of the sun.  "The light has come to the world and the darkness will not comprehend it."  Nevertheless, i am a child of night and find comfort there that the day does not bring to me.

The walking is partly entertainment, partly healthy, and, i trust, partly spiritual.  Healthwise, though i have only been at it a few days, i am akready feeling better.  I have more energy. and i sleep better.  Now i am walking about 8 tenths of a mile in abour one-half hour.  My short term goal, which i feel will be easily achieved is three miles in one hour.  Of course, i use my cane, but my legs seem stronger and have less pain than when i began;

Some years ago Dianne and i participated in a Buddhist walking meditation.  I am going to read up on the practice to see if i can make my walks spiritual experience/.  They are already quite special..  It is now almost ten p.m. and quite dark out.  When i close this post in a few minutes, i  will start my walk.

Twelve stepping and Taoism

Al Anon is probably the closest thing i will find to a flesh and blood spiritual community and i can give myself wholeheartedly to that circumstance and i am doing so.  I am on the verge of making friends there.  I also go to two AA meetings each week, where i get a dose of the hard stuff.  I feel that i am on "the same page" spiritually with these people which is a rare feeling for me, and quite satisfying.  I continue to attend Mass each week and it is starting to feel like the right thing to do, and even without Dianne being there, there are moments of worship, serenity, and okayness.

I have put off plans, for now, of attemding Unitarian-Universalist services or Buddhist meditation.
I have not given up the idea of becoming a part of a  not yet existing Taoiar group.  I have met two people  who find Taoism attractive and an acupuncturist in Eagle has already suggested a "Taoist club.  I am going to talk to him again in a few days and maybe see if i can get my two acquaintances interest in "a Taoist club" or even a Tai Chi class.  ThIngs have to start somewhere.

Of course, i believe that there certain spiritual principles that are shared by all cultures, but for me,  Taoism and the 12 steps seem particularly compatable.

Love, compassion, peace and joy to all!!


Sep. 22nd, 2016 03:50 am (UTC)
Thank you, Judith.



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