bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

The Tao Is Tao (125)



                              Even after his illusions have evaporated
                                                  into emptiness,
                                              the image of her face
                                            pale as a lily in the shade.

                                                                    -- Jos Stabbert
                                                                   "The Tao Is Tao" #125

To be posted tomorrow ondaily_tao

Her image lingers
Yes, i know, i no.
Her face was the least illusory thing
in this illusory world.
Yes, the image of her face lingers.
still more real than other things.

Her image lingers, yes, i no.
Since i cling to the illusion of self,
and she was more real to me than self
It is no wonder her image abides
(Well, it is a wonder, but no surprise.)

Tags: death, personal life, taoism
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