bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Anger Management


                                            After the curse
                                    and before the reaction,
                                          anger faded into
                            The sage in harmony with the Tao
                              does not allow external discord
                                      to disturb his silence.

                                                                -- Jos Stabbert
                                                               "The Tao is Tao"

Also posted at daily_tao 08/27/16

How does the sage prevent external discord
from  disturbing inner silence?

One way is to increase the time
between the stimulus and the reaction
(Close you eyes and count off ninety seconds --
 w h a t   a   l o n g   t i m e - -
whatashorttime! )
In one minute plus one-half minute
the physiological part of any emotion
will be flushed out of the human body.

Then the emotion will be purely mental
So you don't want to be angry?
Then don't think angry.

I have tried this and it works.
Tags: anger, serenity, taoism
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