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Everything Is Beautiful, In Its Own Way; Every One IS Equal In God's Own Way



                                          The comparative perception of beauty
                                                         is essentially cruel.
                                        The Taoist sage does not differentiate
                                          between the beautiful and the ugly.
                                                         Beauty is beautiful
                                                      when it emanates from

                                                                                         -- Jos Stabbert
                                                                                        The Tao Is Tao (119)
To be posted tomorrow on daily_tao.

But in Western societies, the feeble attempt by some of us
to treat all  people as equals
is met with scorn by most of us
who see such effors as creating
a generation of whiners and entitlement seekers
who are bringing  our once great countries to ruin.

But we do not consider the consequences
of not treating all people as equals:
conflict, hatred, suffering, and angst.

Yes, the comparative perception of beauty is cruel.
and the comparative perception of people is cruel.
and cruelty begets cruelty.
Tags: equality, sacred poetry, taoism, via negitiva, violence
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