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Yesterday i went to an Al Anon meeting and asked the man who i spoke to Saturday about sponsorship to be my sponsor.  I will not use terms like "spiritual director" or "mentor" to describe his role, i will try to not even think them.  I will ask only for a voice other than my own to comment compassionately on my life and journey (or lack of such).  Previously, i did  not make good use of my sponsor.  I had always felt i  could do "it" (whatever it was) on my own.  This is a symptom of autism, but it is  also a sign of arrogance and  egotism, and i no longer want these things sticking to me.  Because i know what Al Anon is, i have a pretty good idea of how he will probably relate to me and i will try to relate to him in the same.  He is much younger than i, but he sufferers from the early stages of Parkinson's.  There are  new treatments, so perhaps he will not advance so rapidly to later stages as Bob W. did.  (There i go again!!).   Since CCH is closed for renovation tomorrow,  i will go to his Al Anon meeting and set up time to talk to him.

Older daughter came by today to check on me, as she routinely does.  In September, she will go to Barcelona where she (and her husband) will begin a sixteen day cruise to Gibralter, Portuga., the Azores, Bermuda, and New York.  I marvel that she can do this.  Her husband was computer company executive who quit his job over 15 years ago to avoid participating in a downsizing operation.


Aug. 10th, 2016 01:46 pm (UTC)
Good luck with your sponsor.
It is not unusual for people to travel these like your daughter does. It sounds like a really lovely trip though I shy away from organized tours. I guess we have gotten used to adventuring on our own. She should have a great time with that route!
Aug. 11th, 2016 02:37 am (UTC)
Thank you.

Daughter is getting to be cruise veteran (Hawaii, twice, Mexico, the Caribbean). There is a group of about four couples who often travel together and have become good friends. She has greatly enjoyed each one. She brought her younger sister and husband on a cruise last year which younger daughter thoroughly enjoyed.



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