bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Update Update: Dianne's Brother Is Dead

The colon cancer which was supposed to kill Dianne's younger brother five years ago, finally did this morning.  He was, i think, 69 years old.  He leaves two daughters and a son and at least three granddaughters and a grandson.  My younger daughter, who has kept in close touch with him, says he was ready to die.

Though Dianne seems to come near me often; she is no longer able to monitor the unfiltered connection between my brain and mouth.  If i think it, however inappropriate, i say it.  That happened this morning.  I have to especially watch my mouth while others are grieving.

Just now finished a long phone talk with Dianne's younger sister who is, like me, a sole surviving sibling.  Nice conversation.  i think it did us both good..

Tags: death, personal life
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