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                                                    When I strike you,
                              your blood will certainly flow from my veins.
                                               When you are starving,
                              your bloated belly is gnawing into my flesh.
                                             The laughter in your eyes
                                                      lights up mine.
                                            I can see my face in yours.
                                           Can you see yours in mine?

                                                                            -- Jos Stabbert.
                                                                           "The Tao is Tao" (97)

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I do not see my face reflected in
dust, mountains, other people's faces
or the Cosmos.
I wish i did.

My eyes do light up when others smile,
which helps me know the rest if this
is more than pleasant palp.
But i don't feel it.

Would'nt it be wonderful to know
that hunger any where
would immediately give those well fed
hunger pains?

Right now, if i were to strike someone,
i might feel little pain
unless he turned and beat the crap out of me.

But i continue to change.
and may someday become
what i once was,
a child of stillness and  emptiness
One with the one
and compassionate toward all its appearances..
Tags: emptiness, silence, taoism

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