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Social And Spiritual Invisibility.

To be invisible is to be on the downside of evaluations.  People with certain less highly valued traits are evaluated in terms of those traits.  Thus they are said to be invisible as persons, not reeally seen except through the prism of their "condition."  Aging is one of the conditions which can tend to render a person socially invisible and might be expected to be especially hard on those who seem to have been quite "visible" over, say, the tme between their twenty-fifth and seventieth birthdays.

There was a debate which, i suppose, is still ongoing, about whether "the aged" do or should "go gently into that good night." or "rage," thus making them less invisible.  If i were tp "wear  purple, with a red hat." i would be more visible.  As i notice (do others see it also) my image becoming less distinct, paler, fading away, do i welcome this process or dread it?

Things may be changing: We talk more about "carbon footprints," "decluttering our lives," and "minimalization" and "voluntary simplicity."  We in the rich part of the world make so  much impact that we are dangerous to ourselves and others.  We are just too damned visible!

Taoist philosophy has always assumed that invisibility is a valuable assest,  The very wisest leaders are unseen and unknown., like the Tao itself, untouchable, unheard, "looked for, it cannot be seen."
When a wise leader leads wisely, the people say, "we dit it ourselves."

Wonder Woman, if my memory has not completely faded away, possessed a "cloak of invisibility"
but i never recall her having any need for it unless she was flying through forbidden air space.

Yes, invisibility might make one more irresponsible, that has actually been cleverly proven; but it might also make us less subject to the corrosive effects of power, privilige, and possessions.  I cannot imagine the campaign strategies of an invisible candidate.
Tags: gnosis and agnosis

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