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Why Taoism?

                                                The ignorant
                                          feel cold and lonely
                                          when they think of
                                                    the Tao,
                                                 without pity
                                           beyond their reach.

                                                   The Tao
                                     does not weep at their feet
                                       when they are suffering.
                                                  The Tao
                                      does not take their side,
                              and does not destroy their enemies.
                                                  The Tao
                                              is not a friend
                                who protects and consoles them.
                                                  The Tao
                                                has no face.

                              When the storms rage around us,.
                              we are all at the mercy of Karma.
                      Even the Buddha becomes wet in the rain.

                           The ignorant long for a place where
                                    Karma has lost its power
                                    and where their prayers
                                             lliberate them
                                from the effects of their deeds.

                           The person in harmony with the Tao
                                    lifts her face to the rain,
                                        shivers in the cold,
                                   and perspires in the sun.

                                                                      -- Jos Stabbert
                                                                         The Tao is Tao (89)

How can the impersonal be the source of the personal?
How  does "ruthfulness" arise from ruthlessness?
How does indifference generate love?
I guess its a mystery.

Chapter five of the TTC
which speaks of ruthlessness and "straw dogs."
Has always bothered me.
I cheated a little to make it fit a positive philosophy.

But why bother?

"When the student is ready, the teacher will come."
I read the Tao Te Ching in 1975 (not for the first time)
I guess i was ready.
I thought: This is truth! (at least its close enough for me.)

I was autistic and did not know  it.
I was in love but knew that i was incapable of love.
How could that be?  A mystery!

The TTC was counterintuitive, but not absurd.
But all efforts to explain the inexplicable are absurd.
Absurd and necessary.
But i did not like absurdity and wanted to
minimize it as much as possible.

Science was supposed to reduce absurdity,
but it wasn't doing it
Not in biology,
not in psychology,
not in economics.
(I know almost nothing of contemporary
physics in 1975.)

Science was fine, but it wasn't home.
religion was home
("but it wasn't mine, no more")
Taoism feels right, its home and fine.

Language is inadequate but i must use words.
Autists do not understand the non-linguistic
symbols others use and seem  to understand.
But their words also make little sense  to me.

Only the mystics and the wise make sense to me.
The smart and clever are incomprehensible, and
(i am beginning to suspect deliberately so.

But mystery and mystigoguery are different things
and i am willing to live with true mystery
even if it means silence and emptiness.

Tags: autism, gnosis and agnosis, non-duality, nonsense, personal life, taoism

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