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Being Carried To Where I Need To Be.


by Ojibway (Anonymous)
English version by Robert Bly and Frances Densmore

Sometimes I go about pitying myself,
and all the time
I am being carried on great winds across the sky.

-- from Art & Wonder: An Illustrated Anthology of Visionary Poetry, Edited by Kate Farrell

"Usually all it takes is a shift in perspective....

But we need to make sure we don't 'do' as a way to avoid feeling in the first place.

Also we must make sure we don't 'do' as a way to reinforce our limited ideas about our circumstances and our suffering.

The first thing to do, is to not do anything, and, instead, to allow our perspective to shift. See what we see. This is the most potent act possible. Seemingly doing nothing, all of reality changes. The willingness to step aside from our own internal dramas allows us to recognize -- and utilize -- the great currents already flowing soundlessly through our lives. Then, in harmony with that underlying momentum, when we choose to act, our actions have a potency and purpose that can seem almost magical...." -- Ivan M. Granger.
Poetry Chaikhana | Sacred Poetry from Around the World

Taoists, American Indians, Christians, and the universe seem united this week in a conspiracy to teach me the value of stillness and emptiness.  I am being carried to where i need to be, no point in trying to fight it or help it along.  Its like walking around inside a moving train, it doesn't matter if i do or don't, i'll still wind up at the station.

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Jul. 14th, 2016 10:28 pm (UTC)
Of course i agree with you.

My late sister, often threatened her siblings with "helll. She would that my brothers would join their father and deceased brother in hell if they did not accept Jesus and all that that implied for her. She meant well, and i always tried to take that intop consideration; but it did make any meaningful relationship almost impossible for me (and i am not into meaningless relationships.
I am sorry that you go through stuff like this, along with your groef. But i remember that other peoples' opinions of me
are none of my business, and i don't allow them to make me feel bad, ove and a ((HUG)))



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