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                                        Desire is the fuel of the ego.
                                    You will never find your true self
                                    as long as this fire burns in you.
                                      Even the desire to be virtuous
                                         will corrupt you in the end.
                                True goodness comes from emptiness,
                                    where thinking has stopped and
                                      the fire has been extinguished.

                                                                        -- Jos Stabbert

Also posted to daily_tao 07/14/2016

Passion is a feature of Western religions.  Jesus' crucifixion is called "the Passion" and we are told to be "passionate" in defense of the good and (some say) in opposition to evil.  What other than passion could drive someone to die for a cause, or kill for one?  And we are taught exaggerated images of the things we are supposed to  support or oppose to stir up that passion.

Even the word compassion is mostly the word passion, and i know that we are supposed to be compassionate in as quiet and gentle a way as possible, anonymously, invisibly.

Still, that compassion and goodness comes from emptiness is strange. ("The truly good person does not know that she is good." TTC).  I guess that i will trust that the Tao knows what it is doing and not doing. and knows far better then humans what our doing or not doing is doing.

Equanimity, loving kindness, compassion, and joy.
Tags: ego, emptiness, tao te ching, taoism

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