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For the past fifty nights, i have not slept well, going to bed very late, staying awake a long time, waking frequently, and rising early.  Last night i got the best night's sleep i have had in a while, maybe ever!

I am a nocturnal member of a diurnal species.  My biological clock must have been set wrong at birth; added to that is the fact that i love the night; it has day beat six ways to Sunday.  My reasons for preferring night are psychological, aesthetic, social, and spiritual  Almost as soon as i could toddle, i snuck from my room to explore the darkness.

When i was young and middle aged, this did not bother me, and as a married man, i liked to sleep beside my spouse, who slept at night..  At any rate it was easy to have both a day life and a "night life."  I could sleep for six or four or two hours and still put in a reasonably productive day (unless my day involved late afternoon scheduled meetings where "business" was to be  discussed)/  I could keep one foot solidly planted in the day world, the other, in the night.

In old age, i pay for wakeful nights with sleepy days.  Thurssay evening, i slept through "final Jeopardy" and then through the time of my Al Anon meeting.  Oh, tine!  I have seven hours of my week committed and i missed one of them,  I  would start my "discipline by setting limits on my waking day.  I would go go bed at 10pm and awaken eight hours later.  If i needed a sleep aid to get in the habit, i would take one.

So i went to bed at 11, fell asleep quickly without a pill, slept FOUR hours, woke  long enough to use the batroom, slept another FIVE hours.  A prayer of gratitude was in order and i complied.
So far (3pm) my head has not fallen onto my keyboard, into my coffee, or any other inconvenient place.

Tags: discipline, night, personal life
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