bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Empty Mind, Beginners Mind


                                         The wise shape their destiny
                                             through noble thoughts.
                                                   The Taoiist sage
                                            has no destiny to shape.

                                         -- Jos Stabbert

I am still trying to shape my destiny.
This stuff about discipline
is good common sense,
so i'm going to proceed with it.

But i can tell,
because i want it to go "somewhere"
that i am ego involved in it.
to a point that it desroys is uselessness.

Even if i refuse to specify what my will is--
my will be done
(and done doesn't mean finished).

I see  the point of aimlessness,
it is a component of emptiness
and if my goal is emptiness
i am not aimless.

The beginners mind,
the contemplative mind,
the mind beneath the cloud of unknowing.
the mind that "was in Christ...,
the mind attached to the body
that seeks the Friend,
the mind in harmony with Tao,
is an empty mind,
empty of concerns about emptiness
Tags: emptiness
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