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A Droplet Of Pain, A Droplet Of Joy,


                          The ignorant whine and revile
                              when the seemingly solid
                                       at their touch.
                              The wise search furtively
                            for justice hidden in injustice.
                                The Taoist sage knows
                                     the substantial
                                        is illusion
                                       and justice
                                      out of reach
                                 where greed rules

                          The sage close to Tao accepts
                              disillusionmen and futility
                                      as the gateway
                                                            -- Jos Stabbert.

Many years age i sat in a group counselling session
(Transactional Analysis)
Sitting in also was an Irish priest
who asked me why i was depressed
I said it was because of the suffering and injustice
i saw in the world.  He said, "So,
has your depression made any of that
suffering and injustice go away?"

What we do is a drop in the ocean,
said Mother Theresa of Kohlkatta
but without each drop there would be no ocean.

Will my drop
be a tear of sadness,
or a tear of joy?

Recognition of the limitations on justice
have filled me with anger
and a spirit of vengeance.
I want to  have done unto  "them"
what "they"  have done unto others.
But how productive is that?

Better to be silent and empty
for out of these come compassion
and enlightenment.

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Jul. 6th, 2016 10:04 am (UTC)
Jul. 6th, 2016 03:53 pm (UTC)
I certainly know the phenomenon in which people are upset or sad or angry or despairing in response to world events, seemingly-to-me as a way to make a personal payment that finishes their responsibility in the world those events play out in.

I very much doubt you were depressed in that style.

One does have emotional responses to world events and conditions and systems. They're not always transactional.

Do silence and emptiness work better for you than attempting sympathetic imagination? <- real question

(Of course sympathetic imagination is limited and imperfect at best. Of course it can give rise to cocksure condescension and abuse-- "If I were in your place....".)
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