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Mansur al- Hallaj - Muslim/Sufi - 9th Century

Behind this link Poetry Chaikhana | Mansur al- Hallaj - Muslim/Sufi - Poetry, Biography, Books is a brief biographical note and links to eleven of his poems.

Hallaj was passionate about unification with God.
His language is sometimes disturbing.
But can you express the inexpressible with words that will not disturb?
His words got him executed for blasphemy.
I don't think he cared.

A friend was upset
because someone translated a line
from "On a Dark Night"
(usually translated as  "He wounded my neck)
as "He slit my throat."
He had better not read Hillaj.

The only thing separating me from God is me.
 (From "Kill me, my faithful friends")
Tags: ego, he who loses his life will save it., sacred poetry, sufism

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