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Inspiration V. Revelation

Martin Lings* wrote that revelation (scripture) comes from God, through God, uncorrupted (God is the flint and the fuel), thus the flame is perfect. Inspiration (e.g. poetry)  comes from God through human beings (God is the spark, humanity is the fuel.)

My problem is that i have not been the recipient of revelation; and  those who want me to accept revelation insist their revelator is the only real one or at leas the best one.  So i am asked to be partial to one revelation while rejecting others.  I end up rejecting them all.  so somebody elses refelation does me no good whatsoever.

Inspired people come from all religious backgrounds and from none,  Sometimes i even feel a bit inspired myself.  IMPPO i usually find most inspired work superior to most revelation.

Most people who believe in revelations do not expect new ones.  Revelation ended when the last great revelator stopprf revelating.  This is smart.  There are people who do expect new revelations and whole groups: Catholics, Mormons, some cuilt members have to expect revelations from their leaders or visionaries at any time.  Pretty stressful, i would think.

Revelation may or may not continue.  Inspiration will condinue as long as human beings** dream.

* Before his death in 2005 Lings was a noted Islamic scholar and Shakespeare scholar.
Although  a convert to Islam, he remained "inspired" by :Lao Tse, Plato, Adi Shankara, and a couple of 18th and 19th century Freemasons, as well as Al-Arabi.  Sounds like a guy i would like to get more acquainted with

** With the exception of Mary Baker Eddy and Ellen White, i know of no female "authors"" of widely accepted scripture.  Sacred Poetry has had many women authors.  Why would God choose only men to transmit scripture?

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