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Journal Entry

No entry yesterday; my mind was blank.
Today is just the opposite.
Thoughts crowd my mind
refusing to sort themselves out into topics.

Oh, wait, here is one1


Theories about any thing (science, religion, politics, etc., etc.)
(i was taught)
Ought to be general, simple, and accurate.

But generality must sacrifice simplicity and accuracy.,
an acccurate theory cannot be very general or simple, and
simplicity opposes both generality and accuracy.

Nowadays we want our theories very simple.
(wheter about politics, war,  religion, economiics, etc., etc.)
So what we are told can be neither very general
nor very accurate.

Theories fail because something important  has been left out.

Discord, fear,  and violence are growing
because what has been left out
are the viewpoints, rights, dignity, or survival
of someone the theorist does not know..

But if i am capable of only simple thoughts and theories
i had best be silent.
Theories lacking accuracy
are no better than opinions.
and opinion (said Heraclitus)
is a fatal sickness of the mind.

(And, sadly, it is contagious,)

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Jun. 29th, 2016 12:18 pm (UTC)
From way over on the academic side
Gradually, I learned that fashions in theoretical style held more sway in economics than did usefulness. Of course, many or most of the fashions were highly correlated with the fashionable politics.
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