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Driving to Church last night, i made a bet with myself that the homily would not mention Brexit.  I mean it happened in another country and nobody has died yet as a direct result of it.  Had i known what the scripture readings would be, i would not have made such a stupid bet.  The Gospel had to do with a journey through Samaria where the disciples were refused hospitality because they were going to Jerusalem.  The disciples wanted to call down fire from heaven to destroy an inhospitable town.  Jesus let them know that such a request would not be appropriate.  However this is not to say that hospitality is not a good thing!

The NT reading featured a dispute in the Galation(?) church over circumcision where Paul saw that the church members were tearing each other apart and about to "devour" one another.  P.S. Paul did not mention where he stood on the matter under dispute.  His concern was its rancor.  Any warrier will tell you that hatred is the worst weapon to bring into a fight because it is as likely to kill you as it is to kill your opponent,

When the arguement is mostly verbal. hatred drives out reason and logic and the ability to respect the other's point of view.

Actually, i do not have a strong opinion about the issue.  I could have voted "leave" myself had i been English and lived in  a happier time.  "Small is beautiful" because smaller States are easier to govern and government is less needed.  The smaller the country the more each individual person matters. People are more tolerant of mistakes when they feel that they had a hand in making them.  In a large country you have more of a feeling of things being done to you, rather than for you and by you  -- and such feelings are well grounded.

And i have no problem with "sticking it to the man" if the man is a bureaucrat who does not have or cannot show effective compassion to you.  But the "man" is never quite such an easy target as someone below me on the economic, status, or power structure.  So i end up hurting people who are very much like me while the powerful leave the battle unscathed when i try to "stick it to the man."

There is a fear, both here and in other countries that Brexit will encourage racist, nationalist, and xenophobic tendencies in ourselves, emboldening our lesser angels, sometimes called demons, to express themselves in more Republican votes

I am reminded today by a local spokesperson for Islam that Algeria is providing refuge for many French Speaking Catholics and English Speaking Protestants and Anglican fleeing violence and famine in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Christian Churches are flourishing, the French language is returning to Algerian culture, and English speakers are happily learning Arabic and French to fit in.  I can't say that Algeria treats its refugees better than we treat ours, but the extremes of fear and loathing seen here and in Europe are not in evidence, despite Algeria's many problems and recent history of violence

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Jun. 27th, 2016 03:47 pm (UTC)
Interesting post; I don't have much to add, at the present moment I am so disillusioned/disheartened with my own self and life in general that it's hard for me to think about greater issues out in the world, sigh. I know it's vitally important that we speak to these big issues and keep trying to learn to work together for greater equality and compassion and understanding over our own individual ego trips. But some days it's all so NOISY, the wails and lamentations we humans shriek to the sky, that it just gives me the biggest headache in the cosmos.
Jun. 27th, 2016 08:08 pm (UTC)
You are my thoughts and prayers.

I have a tendency toward depression.
I have learned that the basis of my depression
is bio-chemical
and that prescribed anti-depressants
can, at least in my case,
be very beneficial.

Of course, meditation and prayer
are still the best remedy.

Oh gosh, i almost forgot. Happy Birthday to you. May your days become brighter and brighter until they seem enlightened.

Edited at 2016-06-27 08:12 pm (UTC)
Jun. 28th, 2016 08:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your kind words and the birthday greeting! I have tried meds in the past for depression/anxiety but they all had such undesirable side effects and made me feel so ill I would rather just deal with the depression. I will muddle through, by nature I am more of an overcast day person rather than a bright sunshine person anyway, ha; always have been. I don't feel that is from mental illness or imbalance, it's just who I am. But yes, my grief HAS made me what might be considered 'clinically' depressed, and I appreciate the kindness of everyone who has offered such compassion, patience, and understanding to me.
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