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Journal Entry

After re-reading Chapters one and sixty-seven of the Tao Te Ching, i wrote this:

The God that can be talked about is not the Eternal;God,
and if God has a name it probably is not "God."
The Unnamable is the beginning of heaven and earth
Naming shatters the Oneness into fragments.

Silent and egoless, i might comprehend the One
Opinionated and egotistic as i am,
i see only my own ignorance
reflected back to me as :"truth."

Reality is mystery -- always has been, always will be mystery.
We make up stories about the mystery
which are probably harmless
if i do not become attached to any of them.

One story says that only pure love
can pierce the mystery
that is reality.
That is not a bad story.
It does not tell me what to believe
or what to think.
It does say, pretty clearly, how to act

The better stories are confusing,
and suspiciously culture bound.
Bui they all have the same moral:
Be merciful,
be modest,
and be moderate.

These three come from silence and emptiness
and make us be kind to one another.
Tags: emptiness, gnosis and agnosis, love, silence, tao te ching, taoism

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