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....Each thing He brought forth out of Nothing and caused to exist
In seemingness he, great Only Being, thought He was!
He created stone; thought He was stone; lived as stone
Millions of years, and then said, "Something other am I."...."
Poetry Chaikhana | Francis Brabazon - Once God, that Great Being (from Stay With God)

I vaguely remember seeing a cartoon many years ago.  A small child with a long white beard is sitting on a floor, making little dinosaurs out of clay and bringing them to life.  The caption read: "God as a kid."

This image of God was first suggested, so far as i know, by Henry Nelson Wieman in the 1940s.  It is a changing, growing, God, forever finding new aspects of his infinite potential.

And what He/She/orIt  creates also has the potential to grow and mature; so God, if God is to remain God, must continually change to keep up with creation.  No Sabbath for this God.

I am reminded of a young teacher who must study every night so as to keep one step ahead of the students who depend on her to know more than they do.

This model does nothing to explain how things happen as they do, but it sure could help explain why they happen as they do.  We now tend to explain why with some version of free will and the "fall." thus we humans bear the full responsibility for the apparent inability of an All-powerful, All-knowing, All-Loving God to create and maintain an obviously perfect universe.

So the powerful seem to thrive while  the innocent suffer.  The wrong people get punished in the wrong ways for the wrong reasons.  We make child soldiers and unmanned weapons.  We try to use violence to try to stop violence.  It looks like Teacher didn't prepare well enough for class.  Well, She is young, barely out of Her teens by the standards of eternity.  She will learn as she teaches like all good teachers do..
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