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Update Update -- Hospice Day Five

This morning, Dianne's systems began to shut down and it appears that we are now looking at weeks, or, most likely days, or possibly hours,

I had body problems of my own this morning, and i was grateful that she seemed to be sleeping peacefully with a minimum of coughing.  Her stats were off, but not too bad, so i went about cleaning up after myself and was in pretty good shape by noon.  Dianne still seemed to be sleeping comfortably.  Suddenly it was 4;30 pm and she had not eaten, nor taken any medications, nor taken breathing treatments; and when i tried to talk to her she did not respond.  I suspected that something was seriously wrong (from my materialistic and delusional point of view),

Just then her priest, Father J., returned a call i had left for him days earlier.  I told him that Dianne did not seem to be up for conversation, and explained my fears.  He said he would be right over.  I then called Hospice and Nurse R. (a marvelous woman!) who said she would be right over.  She got here first.

Nurse R. checked Dianne out, hinted that the end is near and instructed me in the use of morphine.  I said that Dianne had protested when morphine was suggested earlier.  So i got a short but very helpful talk on the benefits of the drug.  Apparently, it is a "miracle" drug when used in low dosages for medicinal purposes (by prescription only.

Father (oops, Monsignor) J. arrived and talked to Dianne; then gave an annointing of the sick (once known, i think as "last rites.")  We all prayed, including, i think, Dianne.  Father J and i talked for a while and he left.

Older daughter came over while R. was still here and got filled in.  She is going to spend the night.

Please send your love her way.
Tags: death, health, oxygen, personal life
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