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The Tao Is Tao (11)

                                                                The Tao
                                                        wants no worshp,
                                         yet all sentient beings become silent
                                           before the beauty and mystery of
                                                                 the Tao.

                                                                         -- Jos Stabbert

Fung Yu-Lan said that Westerners
are religious people who sometimes philosophize,
and the Chinese are philosophers
who are sometimes religious.
And the Taoist religion as i understand it
is much different from
the Taoist philosophy as i try to practice it.

But silence is not unlike worship,
Silence can be a form of worship
If i find something more "awesome" than something else
(or more awful than something else)
aren't i being a bit religious?

The Tao Is Tao (11) - Daily Tao
Tags: religion, sacred poetry, taoism
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