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Spiritual Meme Question Twenty

20--What steps do you take to make your LJ (Facebook, etc, but I am mostly interested in LJ) into a place you want it to be, which of them work, and do any of them happen to trap you in the image of yourself you have already created here and impede you expressing everything of yourself here?

Have i tried to make my journal what i wanted it to be?  Not really, so the question of "steps" seems irrelevant.  It started out to be a "spiritual" log, quickly evolved into a random series of poems that struck my fancy, and then an even more random bunch of rants, queries, thoughts, commentaries on social, economic, political and religious matters.  Whatever crossed my mind might end up coursing through my fingertips, onto the monitor screen and out into cyberspace.  I actually think my fingers work better than my mind.  I look at a sentence and think, "did i actually write that?'  Well, i must have, there were no other fingers in the room.  Sometimes, rarely, i decline to hit the "post" button or forget to hit it and am later glad i did.  There are posts i wish i hadn't posted, but i have not removed them; and this is even more true of comments.  But my journal is what it is, whatever that is.

Has my journal become an identity trap?  That is a really good question and it deserves an answer.  And when  i come up with one i will give it.  In the meantime, i have some prelimionary thoughts.  Recently, i wrote about my mentor.  I had also written about him several years ago and said things that were contradicted by my later post.  I was tempted to emend one or both posts.  I did not do it.  Suppose i discover that my spiritual quest, which i expect to be a life-long journey was just an autistic obsession which quickly evaporates to be replaced by some other obsession.  Would i dare admit that?  I think i would.

"Do i contradict myself?
Then i contradict myself.
I am  large,
I contain legions."-- Walt Whitman.

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